Customer Service Employee

Customer Service Employee in Brussels

Job content

The Representative Operations BCCC Services has a good understanding of our products and services for the specific area he/she works in.

He/she needs to be experienced in usage of our customer databases and needs to understand all product features and benefits.

He/She is responsible for:

  • Responding to customer queries by phone or mail (the customer is the corporate contact person, not the card member).
  • Keeping and updating customer profiles.
  • Making the necessary product and set-up changes for new and existing customers following written customer requests.
  • Adhering to processes, procedures and policies applicable for his/her area of responsibility.
  • Understanding and working with basic instructions, information and procedures required in order to perform the job.
  • Demonstrating the job to others team members to help with on boarding of new hires.
  • Respecting confidentiality with regards to all customer DATA.
  • Ensure professional internal and external customer servicing by delivering and optimizing daily administrative support to all operational areas involved.
  • Ensure effective resolution of enquiries and requests at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Provide exceptional customer services while ensuring you are compliant with company and regulatory requirements.
  • Adhere to agreed quality standards and service levels agreements in line with business expectations.
  • Build and leverage strong relationships with all business units.
  • Performing ad hoc tasks: Work with other departments (e.g. Account Management, Customer Service Worldline, Compliance, etc …), classification and archiving, handle incoming e-mails and post, etc …

He/She works under the supervision of the team leader.

Minimal expertise and competencies

  • possess preceding knowledge and experience of the products, services and procedures within the own domain and execute a number of well-defined tasks instructed and supervised by a manager
  • process data out of one specific sub-discipline and look for pattern and cause /effect
  • act on own initiative within well-defined guidelines and procedures and able to propose normal improvements under supervision of a manager
  • transfer own knowledge and transfer way of working in a formal and informal way
  • answer correctly and in a structured way more complex questions from customers according to set rules and procedures. Able to correctly report on data and incidents
  • treat others fair, respect confidentiality and approach others in an honest way
  • process data in a timely and accurate manner

Technical Expertise

Education and learning time

The function requires a knowledge that is at least equivalent to a secundary degree agree (or equivalent experience) with at 3 to 6 months learning time.



Dutch - Experienced (written & oral)

French - Experienced (written & oral)

English - Experienced (written & oral)



MS Office - Experienced

Proprietary IT platforms

Job specific IT systems


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