Fraud countermeasures in the US have been lifted


Four years ago, we were confronted with major fraud issues in the US. In order to maximize protection of our customers, we requested an identification for all cardholders traveling in the US, through a cash withdrawal.

Over the past months, fraud within the US has decreased significantly. US merchants are now obliged to switch from magnetic terminals to chip and PIN terminals. This migration is in its final stage, which allows us to identify you as a customer on every terminal. Today most US merchants are fully liable if the transaction is not chip based. We have therefore decided that cardholder identification by cash withdrawal is no longer mandatory.

Should you fall victim to fraud, you are completely insured. We are committed to reducing risk to a minimum and are constantly overseeing transactions. To enable safe usage of your Corporate Card, we continuously look for ways to control and minimize risk.

Of course we will continue to monitor new types of fraud in the future and take further measures to improve the user experience for all cardholders, whilst meeting the highest security standards.
Should we once again be met with increases in fraud, the previous identification rule may once again be applied. If this is deemed necessary, you will receive a text message requesting that you authenticate yourself via an ATM.