BCC Corporate Corporate Payment Card Solutions


Powered by Mastercard & Visa, two of the largest global payment networks, our corporate payment cards
offer you an unrivaled level of acceptance around the globe.

Choose the Corporate Payment Card that suits your needs

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BCC Corporate Corporate Payment Card


This card is designed to fit the business community. Every effort is made to simplify your administrative hassle and professional expenditures. 

BCC Corporate Office Manager Payment Card

Office Manager Card

A card principally designed for small and medium-sized businesses to easy regulate the everyday business expenses.

BCC Corporate ePay Payment Card

E-Pay Card

A virtual card developed to facilitate all online business purchases: online reservations, telephone orders and other purchases made via the internet.

Questions about our Corporate Payment Card Solutions?

Should you go for a Visa or a Mastercard? And what is the difference with other Credit Cards or Business Travel Cards? How about travel assistance and travel insurance? Is that the kind of questions you are struggling with?