BCC Corporate MasterCard Gold payment card
BCC Corporate Mastercard Gold


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Mastercard Gold Card

The Mastercard Gold Card is a high-end consumer product for your private expenses.

With the  services attached and the insurances linked to this card, you definitely choose for peace of mind.

Why the Mastercard Gold Card payment solution?

Accepted everywhere

Mastercard cards are accepted anywhere in the world.

Controlling expenses

A limit is fixed for your card account.


Equipped with a chip, PIN codes and security systems for your shopping online, you have a very secure payment instrument.

MyWebReporting - Our Unique Online Reporting Tool

Always available

Thanks to our unique online reporting tool, you can access your expenditure statements and current transactions 24/7 via highly secured internet pages. Free of charge, for all cards linked to your account.

Your Mastercard Gold Card comes with unique insurances and extra benefits

Insurances linked tot the Mastercard Gold Card

Purchases made with your Mastercard Gold Card are covered by the following insurances:

Traveller cancellation and interruption

If your trip is cancelled or interrupted due to a serious health issue or damage to your home, you recover the amount of the trip, with a maximum of € 6,000 per year/per trip/per family.

Luggage delay insurance 

When your luggage arrives at your destination at least 4 hours later then you do, you can obtain a compensation for your purchases of essential clothes and necessities (maximum € 250 per trip). 

Travel accident insurance

You are covered for up to € 200,000 if something would happen to you or to a member of your family while travelling by plane, train, ship, bus or helicopter.

Extra Benefits

AirPlus International SA/NV, formerly known as BCC Corporate, has more than 25 years of experience in the payment card industry, resulting in a number of extra benefits for our valued card holders.

Purchase insurance

You are covered by a purchase warrantee if your purchase (with a minimum value of € 50) is stolen or accidentally damaged within 90 consecutive days of your purchase. This purchase insurance covers up to € 10,000 per year/per insured person.

Online purchase delivery

If your online purchase is not delivered or the delivered item is damaged, you are covered for up to € 2,000 per event/per insured person.

Order your Mastercard Gold Card now

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Need to change the PIN code of your Mastercard Gold Card?

You can change the PIN code of your Mastercard Gold Card  in every ING office and ATM of AXA, Crelan and Argenta in Belgium.

Find an agency near you: ING -  AXA -  Crelan -  Argenta