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Travel Key Card 
for Companies and Large Organisations

The Travel Key Card makes making reservations for business trips more efficient. You entrust the card to a permanent travel agent and define the terms of use. All costs are centralised, after which AirPlus International SA/NV provides clear and precise reports that simplify your administration and save time.

Why the Travel Key Card payment solution?


Booking business without hassle, all costs are centralised at whatever travel agency you choose.


Your Travel Key Card can only be used at the travel agency that you choose.

Cost control

It becomes a lot easier to keep costs under control. In addition, your negotiating position is strengthened thanks to the information that you extract from clear and precise reports.

Time saving

Travel information is automatically included on your expense statement.

MyWebReporting - Clear reporting of all business travel expenses

The use of AirPlus International's Travel Key Card centralises all your business travel expenses on one monthly expense statement, listed clearly and precise by employee or by supplier. 

Choose how you want to receive reports:

  • by the AirPlus International SA/NV website
  • by e-mail
  • through the post.

Electronic files are ideal for inclusion in bookkeeping systems.

Reports show the following details

  • carrier’s name (e.g. the airline company)
  • the destination
  • the passenger’s name
  • the ticket number
  • the type of trip and itinerary (cities or airports)

Your Travel Key Card comes with unique insurances and extra benefits

Corporate Card Insurance and Assistance Package

Next to the advantages and conveniences mentioned above, the Travel Key Card comes with a comprehensive assistance and insurance package, offering people travelling for your business complete peace of mind, even in the unlikely event an accident occurs.

Traveller accidents insurance

€ 300,000 coverage (max. € 5,000,000 per group) plus € 60,000 toward the cost of search and rescue operations and repatriation

Travel inconvenience insurance

Additional coverage for travel inconveniences for Corporate, Corporate Plus or Corporate Gold cardholders.

Extra Benefits

AirPlus International SA/NV, formerly known as BCC Corporate, has more than 25 years of experience in the professional credit card industry, resulting in a number of extra benefits for our valued card holders.

Accepted everywhere

Your Travel Key Card is a Visa or a Mastercard, which means it is accepted for travel bookings all around the world.

Efficient to manage

You determine which travel agents hold your Travel Key Cards and you define the terms and conditions they need to adhere to.


Thanks to chip and PIN cards, you have an extremely secure means of payment. AirPlus International SA/NV has always played a pioneering role in incorporating new technology; you can rely on your cards' being equipped with the best security features available.

Good value

There is no charge for payments within the Euro zone; you have a very advantageous exchange rate for purchases outside the Euro zone.

Payment method

From your company or personal account by bank transfer, standing order or direct debit payment terms are flexible.


The introduction of chip and PIN cards gives you an extremely secure means of payment. Moreover, you set a ceiling amount on cards.


You determine for which employees a trip is booked via the Travel Key Card, which receive reports and what kind of responsibility structure you want.

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Need to change the PIN code of your Travel Key Card payment card?

You can change the PIN code of your Travel Key Card in every ING office and ATM of AXA, Crelan and Argenta in Belgium.

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